Rebel Threads represents the revolutionary agenda of young people of color. Bold and militant, but also minimalist and clean, our tees are found on the chests of organizers and activists committed to ensuring that the clothing they wear aligns with the values and ideas our movement is fighting for. 

Rebel Threads is a worker owned apparel cooperative founded in partnership with the Florida-based youth organization, the Dream Defenders. 

There is no sweatshop labor here. We are making a statement that what is ON our clothes is just as important as what goes IN our clothes. Revolutionary messages must be connected to revolutionary practice. Rebel Threads is an effort to do just this. 

Our workers own their labor: from cotton picking, to cut+sew, to screen printing.  The cut+sew for our tees are custom made at Opportunity Threads in Morganton North Carolina.

Based in the Appalachian foothills of western North Carolina , Opportunity Threads is a worker-owned, cut-and-sew cooperative focused on manufacturing sustainable, ethically sourced apparel and sewn goods. A commitment to our craft, community, environment, social and economic justice informs what we do.

This project was made possible by a generous loan from the Southern Reparations Loan Fund. 

Together, we are working to build new economies in the South that support movement building, prioritize people over profit, and attack the capitalist system through building real economic alternatives that create just, living wage jobs.